Slimming / Weight Reduction

Hypnotherapy is now becoming reconised as one of the best ways to aid in weight reduction. Whatever your problems with weight reduction you can gain the ability to change your eating habits permanently.

Perhaps you've lost weight in the past by using will power alone. But, as soon as you reached your desired weight and stopped dieting, your subconscious mind went back to it's old bad habit's again instructing you to eat more than you need.

Working with the minds and body's natural resources you can start to eat in a way that really suits you. Eating habits can be changed from the ones we learnt in early childhood. Using conscious and unconscious techniques to revaluate your relationship with food, drink and exercise so you can feel more in control.

For clients who want an accelerated programme of Weight Reduction I often work in conjunction with my wife Carol who is a qualified Personal Trainer / Nutritionist.
In our experience dealing with both the mind and the body at the same time gives faster and longer lasting results. More Information

Stop Smoking

It is easy to stop smoking with hypnotherapy.
You can enjoy the pleasures of being a non-smoker from the first session.
If you really want to stop then now is the time.
How many times have you said you must 'give up' smoking? Hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways to stop.
It helps to alleviate the cravings and gives you the chance to focus on the positive aspects rather than concentrating on the deprivation you think you feel. More information

Painless Childbirth


Having an uncomfortable birth is really unnecessary. By using advanced hypnotic techniques, women have found that childbirth is not only free of discomfort but is also one of the most warm, loving experience's of their life. The time from the first contraction until delivery can be substantially shortened. The mother is relaxed and fully alert. She is able to enjoy every moment of this wonderful event.


Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is a normal part of every day life. But when we feel overburdened by to many demands then stress can start to have a detrimental effect on our health.


Hypnotherapy helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety on a number of levels. By working with the unconscious mind to build self-confidence so perceptions to these overwhelming feelings change, can be challenged and then dealt with. Also physically by helping the body to relax tense muscles, which gives immediate relief to tension and stress. And finally by learning simple breathing techniques so that future stressful and anxious situations can be contained. More information...

Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate the fears, encourage a positive attitude and enhance your confidence.

The techniques used are very successful with a variety of different phobias.

These anxieties can be triggered by a particular event or begin in a way which is unrelated but however they begin your unconscious mind believes it is protecting you by making you react in the way you do. When this reaction becomes so strong that it stops you from living your life as you want to then it is time to do something about it. More information...


Confidence and self-esteem

Usually at some stage in your life you will need your confidence restored and your self-esteem enhanced.

By focusing on some of the positive parts of your life, the unconscious mind, where we store all our information has an opportunity to remember in detail how good you felt in those situations. It doesn't matter whether they are related to the particular subject which you want to address because during the trance session all those positive thoughts are reactivated again and you can transfer to any time or place when you need them. More information...

Exam anxiety



Nail biting


Pain control

Sport Enhancement

"What your mind can conceive, you can achieve."

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